If you are considering an in floor cleaning system, one of the most the most common is the Zodiac Caretaker line.  Regardless of “brand”, the primary thing is to make sure you have enough pop up heads and the system has its own dedicated booster pump.  If your system lacks in either of these areas, it will be marginal in performance. The other way to go is an in pool robotic. Law (Title 44 ARS) now requires a variable speed pump for filtration so be sure the cleaner you choose will work well with lower circulation rates.   Above all, be sure your pool contractor correctly sizes the pump(s) and filter and plumbing to your pool and cleaning choices.  I see a lot of pools where the equipment is undersized or expected to do multiple tasks and hence the pool requires more maintenance and upkeep than it should.

Some other operational things to consider to make your pool more enjoyable are:

  • Full pool automation including wireless control from your computer / pad or smart phone.  My customers love them.
  • Pool heater  – either heat pump or natural gas is the only way to go
  • LED pool lights with color changing features
  • “Beach” area instead of entry steps
  • Entry rails

These are considerably cheaper to install in a new build rather than as a retrofit.  If you would like a deeper discussion around any of these please feel free to contact Guardian Pool Care.