Every now and then we run into situations where we need to vacuum, circulate and filter water without using the installed equipment. Some examples are commercial fountains or ponds that don’t lend themselves to using the existing circulation equipment. So what to do?
We built a portable pump and filter system that we can take to any location to handle all the filtration and cleaning needs.

Here is what it looks like:

We made this using a self-priming 1.0 HP, Pentair Whisper flow pump wired for 110 VAC and a Waterco 75 Square Foot cartridge filter mounted on a readily available, heavy duty hand cart. We added a 40 foot cord with GFCI and watertight connectors throughout.
This take-anywhere system is just what we need for quick cleanups. We just roll the cart to the job, hook up our vacuum hose, vacuum head and pole and we are set! This system makes cleaning and service a snap.